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Join Sinéad & Amber the hosts of Podcasts - Finding Happy The Podcast and Diversity & Down. LIVE over 3 Evenings discussing the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Special Needs Parenting with Guests Speakers, Fellow Moms. 

Meet Your Hosts & Moderators

Amber Rojas & Sinéad Quinn

Advocates, Mamas, and Podcast hosts of Finding Happy & Diversity and Down - Sinéad and Amber are excited to take you beyond the podcast experience to bring you this Live Event.

Sinéad is a wellness and empowerment coach, host of 'Finding Happy The Podcast', mom, wife, and lover of all things that sparkle. Sinéad has 3 kids, her eldest has Down Syndrome and second was a 28 week preemie.

Amber is a Hairdresser, host of 'Diversity + Down', a mom and lover of fitness. Amber is a single mom to 5 kids, her youngest has Down Syndrome.

Coming together with a passion to speak up and advocate for the Mental and Physical Wellbeing of Mothers and carers in the differently able community.

They believe that by creating the conversation around Mental and Physical Wellbeing we can lift the shame, create community and connection to inspire women wanting change and to find support.

They are excited to walk along side the women they support and share in all the highs and lows bringing truth and venerability in a comedic and awkward way - which is the only way they know how.


Meet Our Speakers

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Michelle is not only joining us on the Welcome Panel, but also the Diversity panel.

Michelle Ressa Aventajado left New York fourteen years ago to make a life in Manila, Philippines with her husband Nino and their then, three children. 

It wasn't until the birth of her fourth child that she truly understood the necessity of inclusion and the volunteer work that she was committed to ever since her adolescence. Evangelina's birth suddenly gave more meaning to her relocation to South East Asia. It was as if everything suddenly made sense, and the work she needed to do became even more important. 

Believing in the power of collaboration, she knows that in order to further social inclusion, it is vital to reach out and empower other mommas. Working with organizations and foundations have solidified her understanding that there is power when we come together. She is committed to her mission of inclusion and education, not just for her daughter, but for all the children and adults like her daughter, in the Philippines. 

Through her blog Momma 'N  Manila, her volunteer work, her motherhood, and as Executive Director of Best Buddies Philippines, she is confident that she is doing her small part in this world to further social inclusion for individuals of all abilities.

Instagram: @mommanmanila
Facebook: Momma 'N Manila website: www.mommanmanila.com


Effie Parks is the host of the podcast Once Upon a Gene - it explores the world of raising children with disabilities and rare genetic disorders. Host, Effie Parks shares her own personal story of raising a child with CTNNB1 syndrome, while trying to find the non-existent rule book of bringing up such a special kid.

Effie was born in the magical land of Montana, where she was raised with her 12 loving siblings.  After moving to Washington and marrying her husband, they were blessed with the birth of their son, Ford Canon Parks.  A few months into her parenting journey she learned Ford had been born with an extremely rare genetic condition – CTNNB1 syndrome – soon after she dove into the world of advocacy and this eventually lead to her ultimately becoming a podcaster and speaker in the Rare Disease and Disabled community.

Website: www.effieparks.com

Instagram: @onceuponagene.podcast


Melanie Dimmitt is a freelance arts, lifestyle and business journalist living in Sydney. She’s written for titles such as The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, Collective Hub magazine, Mama Disrupt magazine, Mindful Parenting magazine, Mamamia and Broadsheet, and has created content for Canva and Smack Bang Designs.

Her debut book, Special: antidotes to the obsessions that come with a child’s disability,


Recordings Available Here

Sibling Panel

Sharing the journey being a sibling in our disability community and how it has enhanced and influenced their lives.


Intuitive Spiritual Leader, Author, Speaker and Coach Michelle grew up with two adopted brothers. Her youngest brother with an intellectual Disability.

As an intuitive spiritual leader, her own personal spiritual practice has allowed her to have a more peaceful understanding of her brothers needs creating a better bond in their relationship, it's important to understand his behaviors and needs so they can be fulfilled. Allowing him to live a happy adult lifestyle.

As his legal guardian Michelle shares how he has helped in influencing not only her life, but also the life of her children.

Instagram - @oraclecardguidance

website - www.michelleirene.com


Genia Stephen helps kids with intellectual disabilities build inclusive lives at home, at school and in the community. She is the founder and host of the Good Things In Life For Kids With Disabilities Podcast and manages a community of parents of children with disabilities. 

Having a younger sister and son with disabilities and medical complexities led her to a lifetime of training in the disability field under premier thought leaders and mentors. With more than 25,000 downloads, her podcast now gives other parents access to her world-class disability parenting education, complete with courses and membership. She is a practicing midwife and medical advocate currently completing her MSc. in Evidence-Based Health Care at the University of Oxford. 

Featured in Travel Without Limits MagazineCommunity Living OntarioDon’t IEP Alone Podcast, and Inclusive Education Podcast, Genia speaks about creating a positive vision for kids with disabilities, getting the good things in life through valued social roles and social capital, and medical safeguarding. 

Instagram: @goodthingsinlifeorg website: www.goodthingsinlife.org


Hannah and Becky are siblings from Manchester, England also known as the Cheetham Sisters.

They have been enjoying using their Instagram and Youtube platform to spread awareness about inclusion and joy with tik tok and You Tube educational videos and cooking shows.

Recently they went viral with a video of Hannah receiving her Christmas gift from Becky, which has been a lot of fun spreading even more awareness and joy.

They took the opportunity to use their You Tube platform to create educational question answer sessions with kids and teach them about Hannah's condition of Cerebral Palsy. These have been widely well received and shared. (link below)

Instagram - @cheethamswithdreams

YouTube Channel - CheethamsWithDreams

*due to the time difference Hannah and Becky's chat will be prerecorded.

Diversity Panel

Discussing being a Minority within a Minority and what it looks like to advocate for a truly inclusive community.

Mercedes Lara

If you are within the Down Syndrome community you will recognise Mercedes from being a co host of the The Lucky Few Podcast.

Mercedes prides herself on the experiences that we all know we have, and rarely share with honesty. She is known on the show to “do you” as you need to, and always use your intuition to determine whats best for you person with DS. She formerly worked vocationally in the different abilities industry for 10 years, and most recently since March 2018 has co-founded Dear Mom, Conference creating space for moms raising a person with Down Syndrome to find rest, community, and inspiration at her event.

She is wife to Andy Lara, producer of The Lucky Few Podcast. Has three children, Sunflower, Rhodes, and Shepard and might be the most vividly beautiful person you could ever meet.

Instagram @hooray4thelaras & @thatsmrslara


Michelle Ressa Aventajado left New York fourteen years ago to make a life in Manila, Philippines with her husband Nino and their then, three children. 

Through her blog Momma 'N  Manila, her volunteer work, her motherhood, and as Executive Director of Best Buddies Philippines, she is confident that she is doing her small part in this world to further social inclusion for individuals of all abilities.

Instagram: @mommanmanila
Facebook: Momma 'N Manila website: www.mommanmanila.com


Amy is a mom to her only child who has Down Syndrome. She loves being able to share it all, the ups the downs and everything in between on what it’s like being a biracial family raising a child with Down Syndrome. She is also passionate about motivating those around her and has a series on IG called Motivational Minute.

Instagram: @motivational_mama_321

Sharing our Guests who we will be having a more intimate conversations discussing a variety of topics... all live so you can ask questions and interact with our speakers in real time.


1:1 Chat How to stay sane while Navigating the complexities of prematurity and medically complex kids.

Amy is a newly awarded Winner of the @sawomanaustralia People's Choice Award for the Mum's in Business. She is also a mother of little miracles, James and Jack, who were born prematurely at 30 and 34 weeks gestation respectively.

In 2016 during our stay in hospital with James, Amy quickly noticed that the generic baby milestone cards she had purchased weren't suitable to the NICU journey - we were celebrating the 'small but mighty' leaps of a premature baby, such as weaning off oxygen and graduating to special care. When Amy had her first cuddle with James, the nurse took a photo, gave her a notebook and told her to write it all down - journaling these precious moments helped us to heal and gave us strength at a tough time. From this moment, Amy knew she wanted to create a product that both celebrated and documented the unique story of a baby born too soon.

Throughout their experiences, and continued medical complexities with their youngest son Jack, her passion to support and give back to other NICU families has grown! Miracle Mummas donate $2 from every sale to the Miracle Babies Foundation, and continue to 'pay it forward'.
Amy continues to support, build community and raise awareness and this has turned into her mission, to give back, and to ensure preemie parents know they are not alone - we've got your back!

Instagram - @miraclemumma & @raising.james.and.jack

website - www.miraclemumma.com.au


- Sharing her crowd sourced research on how to best help our kids who are not disabled, alongside their disabled siblings.

Amy Webb likes to blog about life, disability, artwork and occasional DIY. But Amy is probably best known for her family, in particular her daughter Lamp who has a limb difference along with her husband B, and Lamps two sisters Big Sister and baby Zuzu (no these are not their real names!).
About a year after Lamp was born she started a series on her blog called the Disability and Differences Spotlight (formerly the Special Needs Spotlight) where she interviews other families who have special needs children and individuals with special needs about their journey. To date she has interviewed over 230 disability families and disabled individuals. The spotlight is the heart of her blog and she is forever grateful for the people who have allowed me to share their stories.
in March of 2019 Amy published her first children's book highlighting inclusivity with disability - When Charlie Met Emma soon followed in September 2020 by Awesomely Emma.
Amy Webb is a fierce advocate in the disability arena and an awesome dancer who loves to dance it out in her Instagram stories.

Instagram - @thislittlemiggy website - www.thislittlemiggy.com


- Rediscovering Yourself: how to find identity through self worth and faith, not your child’s diagnosis.

Jami is a wildly popular (probably the most famous) instagram model - ever. A serial entrepreneur and leader of a multi-million dollar business build on consistency, community, authenticity and courage... she self-describes as an "awkward Type F". Her humor helps her and her audience maneuver through tough topics.

As a mother of four, who kills plants and continues to buy socks instead of folding them. Her daughter Lila appears physically normal but severely developmentally delayed. It’s been a long journey of acceptance and learning , hardship and joy, faith and endurance at times getting lost along the way. She can’t wait to encourage you in your own journey!.

@jaminato @oilcollective


- How to accept help and navigate the hard times in the moments you feel depleted.

You may have heard Victoria Strong on Finding Happy The Podcast speaking with Sinéad about the Power of Love...

After her 6-month-old daughter, Gwendolyn, was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) Type 1, Victoria Strong and her husband created the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation to do something in the face of nothing. In the last ten years, GSF has raised over $4Million to fund research around the globe, including the FDA-approved gene replacement therapy (Zolgensma) that has gone on to transform SMA and potentially other diseases. Victoria has worked to get federal legislation passed, newborn and carrier screening federally endorsed, provided financial support to 600 SMA and rare disease families, and created NEVER GIVE UP., a nonprofit apparel brand to inspire courage and kindness. Now, the foundation is building Gwendolyn’s Playground, the first inclusive playground in Santa Barbara County, so all children can experience the fundamental childhood joy of community play.

Visit www.NeverGiveUp.org to learn more.




Reiki Healing Circle

Deep Relaxation Yoga Nidra


LIVE Reiki Healing Circle: focusing on compassion and connection with each other, we will invoke a sense of peace, calm, and deep relaxation.

Michelle is a Spiritual Coach, (very talented ) Reiki Master and mother of 2 girls - of which her youngest who has Down Syndrome.

She passionately believes in leading with integrity, and this is the foundation of all the work, coaching and healing work she carries out. She offers multiple modalities such as: executive business strategy, consulting, intuitive Reiki energy work, along with spiritual life and business coaching.

While seemingly quite different, I have found in my work that all aspects of an individual’s life are interconnected.

Instagram: @_michelle_islas_ website: www.michelleislas.com


Yoga - 30mins

Elisabeth is a wife, mom of two boys, content creator, homebody, and Willamette Valley Power Yoga instructor of five years, Elisabeth Parker was inducted into the world of Rare Disease when her youngest son Ezra was born with Noonan syndrome, a RASopathy.

She is passionate about creative fundraising, community building, and encouraging other mamas and advocates on Instagram.

Instagram: @elisabethfaithparker & @move2advocate


Deep Relaxation Yoga Nidra
Yoga Nidra is a form of guided meditation also known as “yogic sleep” or “effortless relaxation”. Yoga Nidra is traditionally practiced laying down or in a reclined position.

Sinéad is a Speaker, Coach to Moms in the Disability community, Podcaster and quite yogi.

Eternally grateful for the opportunity to have been train in Yoga Nidra with her mentor and teacher Tracee Stanley and Rod Styker.

She takes the gift of sharing the restorative practice of Yoga Nidra seriously and with great pride, Having also trained as a Yoga Teacher - but never once the desire to lead an actual yoga class due to a deep fear of stage fright possibly leading to publicly vomiting - Sinéad was surprised (to put it mildly) that with the magic of Yoga Nidra she was gently guided to lead groups without the fear of stage fright and gratefully, to date, no urge to vomit in public. Just a great sense of pride and peace in sharing the practice.

Instagram: @sineadquinnofficial & @findinghappythepodcast website: www.sineadquinn.com

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